Narrative Writer

On-site & Remote Wellington, Aotearoa


Expression of Interest only

Commencement September 2019

Mayday is seeking expressions of interest from a Narrative Writer to join our team in mid-2019 to construct a new IP focused on merging innovative story-telling with mind-bending turn-based combat.

We’re looking for someone with prior experience in writing of interactive media, and with a keen interest in developing science-fiction and fantasy stories.

As a writer on the project you will use your skills to develop a rich lore around our narrative framework, working with both artists and designers to flesh out quests, craft valuable rewards and add life to the denizens of our worlds.

You will work with our leads in building new encounters, ranging from tragedies to triumphs, as well as writing the words that greet and guide our players in the game.

This role is scheduled for later this year, and is one we would like to receive expressions of interest to build a lead up to filling. For this specific role, we will only consider candidates with experience as the primary narrative writer on published, released or shipped projects.

Remote options will be considered only for applicants with previous professional experience as writer in remote teams.


  • Writing dialogue and story text for quests.

  • Helping craft the lore of the game, as well as developing non-player character profiles and encounter dialogue.

  • Copy-editing for user experience and accessibility in game interfaces.

  • Working with the Creative Director in expanding the narrative design with content.

  • Working with other teams to develop coherent narrative elements that coincide with various attributes of environments and characters.


  • Writing Portfolio and/or demonstration reels of body of work at a professional standard.

  • Writing experience on a shipped title, or a published body of work.

  • Experience with writing for interactive media.

  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, in English.

  • If applying for remote work, professional experience working with remote teams as a writer.

  • If on-site; New Zealand/Australian residency or work permit in New Zealand.

Body of Work ‘Nice to Have’

  • Experience with a wide variety of science fiction and fantasy narrative.

  • Experience with project tools such as Confluence.

  • Vast game writing experience, including table-top, physical games or even mega-games.

How to Apply

Please email

Please include a cover-letter and CV.

Please do not include other attachments, portfolio or body of work should be linked within the email.

We ask that you respect our privacy and work/home life balance by not contacting our staff over social-media to inquire about the roles. All questions should be directed at